Happy Birthday Seema Rahmani!

Happy birthday Seema Rahmani
Happy Birthday Seema 🙂

Far from the froth of Bollywood bandwagon, a frenetic film reel on the loose, Seema Rahmani plays roles by living them. In portrayals that ridicule both rhyme and reason of commercial cinema, Seema’s Rose-Marie (Sins) sways with an essence of longing to be rescued whilst her Moira (Good Night Good Morning) effuses warmth and poise that promises to save many a lost lads on the brink of heartbreak. And if you were raving for complete bonkers laugh riot ‘Loins of Punjab Presents‘ isn’t far behind.

A dog lover to the core, Seema brought genuine warmth to the TV screen as the beloved host of NDTV Good Times Heavy Petting. Her departure from the show left a void, which only she could refill.

seema rahmani dog lover
‘Dogs don’t care whether I snore or which God I pray to. There are only three things with that kind of unconditional acceptance: Dogs, donuts, and money.’ ― Danny DeVito

From all of us dogs at Dog with Blog… happy birthday Seema Rahmani!

As she turns another leaf younger, one of the lost lads who got shook up to reality thanks to Moira, requested the lady’s words for a guest post. Here’s what she sent across to this dog:

A little bird inside a chamber
Takes in the world anew
He tweets of love and light and compassion
She tweets of oneness and freedom and truth

Her wings are walls that hold the world
His song the knowing within
The little bird lacks form or label
It lives through us, in every now and every then

And as the moments in calendars pass
Creating the illusion of time
It pauses and wonders why wait to celebrate
A love ever yours and mine

happy birthday seema rahmani
So you see MagiQ, you and I are the same. Same atoms, same energy, same space within and without. We are in fact of the same Oneness. ― Seema

I’m forever smitten.

It’s easy to fall in love with Seema Rahmani. I did.

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