Finding Nemo

 Dusting the creaking bookshelf, I stumbled upon a chance discovery in the attics, an old journal belonging to Chunnu. The paper was stained in melancholic yellow hues perhaps not due to moisture, but memories.

Pug Rest in peace

Chunnu’s Journal. December 26th, 2007:

I have been preoccupied in working on a series of poems that addresses the hitherto neglected segment of Canine literature. By this I mean, not literature about Canines, but literature by canines.

A leap of faith? Surely I jest? A blasphemous equation of human life and dogs? Really, for brainwashed Homo sapiens, brought up to believe in their own superiority (species,race, gender, language, ethnicity, geographic or political uniqueness etc.), it seems incredible that the animals species, and canines in particular, can dare lay claim to equality. The possibility of creating a social revolution is nil, I am realistic enough to acknowledge. But indeed, we feel pain; we love our lives and children, much as you do.

Let me bring to your notice the latest goings-on of a young man who has recently forced his way into my residence. He is a pug, a year old monster named Nemo.

“Time was passing like a hand waving from a train I wanted to be on.
I hope you never have to think about anything as much as I think about you.”

― Jonathan Safran Foer

I grant that he is unfortunate, having a genetic problem that has made his hind quarters useless. I employ in my household, an earnest oaf who goes to work everyday and brings home the bacon, so that we may exist in the lavish manner that persons of our class have long desired to. Our duties (the canines in the household), as defined by us, are simple – none. TV, sleep, unchecked wandering in and out, long walks, the finest in food (no leftovers) and health care – we get it all!

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Back to Nemo – he has lately had imported from the US, a special wheelchair which allows him to move about reasonably well. The power equation will not change, as I continue to be top dog. But I am happy for him.

Not a day passes without Dr. Chunnu Murthy remembering his canine companion Nemo.

Nemo moves on.

A long illness, endless suffering from the day he was born.

Buried this morning in my t-shirt, covered with flower petals.

Thank you, my dear son.


RIP Nemo.

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3 thoughts on “Finding Nemo”

  1. hi Dr. Murthy, I was going through your blog and i have an 8 year old female boxer Elsa who recently has lost the use of all four limbs. It was wondering what was the illness Nemo had? – We don’t really know what we are up against. It’s been a series of tests, discussions with vets with no real solution.

    1. Hi Alisha,

      This was a guest post written by Chunnu for Dog with Blog. I am intimating him regarding your query and would request him to post his opinion in this thread.


  2. Hello Alisha

    Nemo had a twisted spine and his hind legs were rendered useless. He spent most of his life in a tray because his body was twisted and interfered with the movement of the wheels. I could not comment about the nervous condition. I think a combination of ayurvedic medicine, massages and love may make a difference. Most vets are very practical and will suggest putting down the dog, which I certainly would not advise. Do look at that option.


    Vasudev Murthy

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