Dogs don’t know sin

Delhi is numb. An entire city lapsed in a coma.

No, it’s not because of the infamous cold waves but a macabre crime – the Delhi gang rape. And whilst the angst of the society looms large over news channels and social media, the word on the street seeks justice. This anger is a necessity and Delhi has no dearth of it. Heck, the wrath that we unleash as road rage would alone suffice! As my incisors wait in earnest to tear through the flesh of the culprit ‘humans’, I hope this cause doesn’t cough up with the passing days but grows into a growl.

But I have a problem. It arises when the society snarls at rapists, hissing shrill cries, “These dogs (kutte) deserve to die.” or “These rapists are not human but savage animals (jaanwar)”.

Criminals shouldn't be called 'Dogs', Delhi gang rape criminal

Dear society, dogs don’t know sin.

Were animals shunned from heaven?

Somewhere far from the candle protests, vigil marches and media debates, in a darkened nook where the voices miff, another of India’s daughter still seeks answers. And these aren’t to be found on twitter but in the terrains where the power kings are busy banning trivial things while the darkness reigns.

The answers rest this dog’s case against the society. And as I write, I hear a charged youth chanting on TV that this city has gone to the dogs. No, my friend the city has not ‘gone to the dogs’. Had it been, it would have been a lot safer. And the wise kitten by my side ponders, “Why do tests on animals if we have rapists in prison?”.

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3 thoughts on “Dogs don’t know sin”

  1. Brilliant post!

    The dogs are notches above humans…and criminals need to be put to justice at the earliest. Justice delayed is justice denied.

  2. Why blame or pull dogs here? Human beings r worst than animals. Animals at least kill the prey before eating and they do it for survival as instinct given by god. There are carnivore n herbivore too. But what compels men to do such thing is horrific!

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