7 Ways to Celebrate World Dog Day

How to celebrate National Dog Day
Have you kissed your dog today? ~Courtesy Rinku

Dogs and humans have lived together for about 15,000 years, so it comes as a surprise that it was only as recent as 2004 that the concept of National Dog Day was introduced by Animal Advocate Colleen Paige. Celebrated every year on August 26, it has transformed into World Dog Day by spreading from the USA to other countries and aims to draw recognition towards all that the dogs do for the betterment of human civic society. It also serves as a reminder for adopting and rescuing dogs over buying them from breeder mills.

“I want the world to celebrate the dogs for their capacity to love,” Paige said, “and their ability to impact our lives every day in the most miraculous ways.” From putting their lives at stake for national security to helping the disabled, from detecting terror threats to calming the grief-stricken, the friendly neighborhood guardian wins hearts like only a dog can.

Here’s appreciating the love and value that dogs bring to our daily lives, may we strive to do our bit for the homeless and abused dogs.

7 Ways to celebrate World Dog Day:

  1. Adopt a dog from the street or your local animal shelter (And inspire your friends to do the same instead of buying from a breeder)
  2. Volunteer in a shelter whenever you can. (Support them with the old newspapers, clothes, food items and toys)

    Dog helps kids dentist
    This dentist brings his dog in as a way to calm the nerves of his young patients.
  3. Get your neighborhood dogs sterilized and vaccinated (consult the local animal welfare NGO and municipal body on ABC – Animal Birth Control program.)
  4. Try to help someone you know get rid of the fear of dogs. Offer them to walk your dog or play with him, dogs shouldn’t be feared. Given how great the dogs are, it is but too short a life to not discover these wonderful friends.

    Dog day photo
    You & I, in this beautiful world… ~Courtesy Sonam
  5. Walk up and say Thanks to that rickshaw puller, the army veteran, those little kids who care for roadside puppies and that old man you so often see feeding the stray dogs. Let them know that their efforts are appreciated.
  6. Assist an ill or elderly neighbor by walking their dog.
  7. Spend more time with dogs (yours or the ones you bump into)

Over to you, hug your dog!

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How To Understand Body Language of Your Dog?

understanding dog language

Unless you’re a cat living under a rock, you’d know how tricky it can get to listen what your dog is saying. The Secret Life of Woofs isn’t that hard to comprehend even in today’s world of internet and instant messages. The language of dogs is relatively easy as compared to humans – they growl when they are angry, they wag their tails when they are friendly, how many humans can we say that for? Dogs speak through their gaze, they smile in the tilt of their tails, their feelings are defined by proximities and distances they keep.

So, How To Understand Body Language of Your Dog?  Since dogs don’t speak human tongue, they communicate most of their feelings to us through their instinctual body language. These easy-to-read drawings by Lili Chin will help you understand your pooch much better!

Doggie language
Dogs say it best when they say nothing at all.

Dogs may not say the words, but they say a lot more once we realize their body language.

Understanding Dog Body Language
Learning the basics of canine body language helps us in better understanding our canine companions.  Once a Dog Listener, we can ease our well-intentioned cross species miscommunications.

How to Greet a dog

All set to be Dr. Dolittle, are you?

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. Orhan Pamuk dog quote
‘Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.’ — Orhan Pamuk

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