The Indian street dog: a poem

With a fistful of rare exceptions, nearly everybody I like is a quadruped. One of the elision is Virve Hilvervik, my friend from Sweden who toured India last year and fell in love with the country’s fauna and flora. In this guest post, she presents a poem she penned on seeing a friendly street dog in Varanasi. Over to Virve…

I’ve named the poem “The Indian Street Dog”, as I drew inspiration for it by seeing a loving street dog in Varanasi. With this poem I wish for people to reflect over the greatness in stray animals everywhere. Detested by so many, yet these dogs nourish the hope for love and affection. I’ve met so many of them, and felt the longing of their souls. My Dagi, who lived as a street dog in Portugal for many years, means everything to me. I don’t even remember how days without her were! If only people would open their hearts to the street dogs, then everyone would find themselves forever touched by these misunderstood angels….

The Indian Street Dog

This road is not mine to take,
But to follow,
As destiny paves my way.

These streets know my name,
As I know theirs.
They have carried me near and afar;
Waved me goodbye when hope has called me,
And welcomed me upon returning with my shattered dreams.

One day, I will take to the skies,
Like the birds I watch from the stairs at the temple.
I will embrace the Forgotten ones,
Breathe life into the hearts of all human beings,
And make every road lead to Home.

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13 thoughts on “The Indian street dog: a poem”


    A part of my heart belongs to these beautiful souls who live life on the streets..Most never know a hug, a real warm meal, a bed, a home…but still have so much to give to us humans..
    A lovely tribute to THE INDIAN STREET DOG

  2. Breathe life into the hearts of all human beings,
    And make every road lead to Home….
    It is such a touching poem. My doggie was a street dog. I wish more and more people adopt street dogs and give them a home..

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