Bouquets & brouhaha…the dog wins!

1. Asked someone to marry you? Guilty. Well, dogs are known for their witty demeanour as well 🙂

Roll on the red carpets, give way to the metallic grey Limousine, hold your cameras and bask in the glory of the audacious canine, for as they say every dog has his day 🙂

Why the dog writes?

’ve got so much to post and this damn keyboard…hell,all humans think about is themselves…I guess,I’ll have to order a custom made keyboard to suit my paws.I know, you bloggers aren’t used to this kind of thing…I can wonder what your medulla and cerebrum would be going through as they’re being subjected to analyse the pawed lexicon of our kind hence I’ll try to express myself in English and with whatever I’ve learned of your weird language, I can very well make out that my vehemnt dislike for a few specimen of your species wouldn’t be turned down. The cult of Canis familiaris and International United Association of Canines(IUAC) have bestowed their benevolent act through financial funding for this blog…forgot to mention(you see I’m an epitome of humility),the great pains taken by me while working on Harry’s computer!