Snoopy, Calvin and Hobbes on Valentines Day

peanuts snoopy love
Snoopy’s advice on writing to ex-girlfriend.

The dog and tiger totems of my childhood –  Snoopy, Calvin and Hobbes on Valentines day.  

Any grand plans for Valentine’s day?” quizzed Kaalicharan’s baritone.

When have I had any?

But,” smiling sheepishly he added, “You aren’t a dog”.

Who knows if I am” with a sigh, the pseudo-philosopher in me heaved, “a dog inside this human flesh

Too early in the day to turn to Nietzsche, Calvy boy” with a smirk he added, “Why don’t you rant about Valentine’s day like last year?

Kaalicharan, why are you sounding like Moe?

Ok, let’s talk of girls! What about Susie Derkins?

What about her?

Hah! Agreed that we are a little twisted, but mustn’t you forget that you are La Panza and myself, Don Quixote.

Kaalicharan seals the last word yet again.

Another year passed by and it’s still Watterson’s magical world which makes all the sense:)

Calvin and Hobbes Valentines day – still searching Susie Derkins…

Calvin and Hobbes Valentines day
Searching Susie Derkins…

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Love’s labor lost…

“Do you know what love is?” asked the Cat.

With the alacrity of a hermit seeking life’s meaning, she would always ask me the pivotal question. It has been quite some time since then and yet I don’t have an answer. And I wonder if I ever will.

Love’s labor lost…

Love; perhaps it resonates far across in a place as old as time─ seeping out somewhere in a terrain long forgotten; in the path of roving dogs or in the flight of the mynah. And who knows if it lurks in the tales which are themselves trapped in brazen boundaries ─ pregnant with a pungent past overriding the poignant present.

....and love is a word used too much and much too soon Bukowski

And who knows for sure if salvation lies in recluse or lurks in love. For when you get too close to a person, the intimacy fades out the world.

I must confess I have never been a fan of ‘Valentines Day’. Earmarking a solitary day in the calendar for the most passionate emotion in the universe confirms that the dollar has forayed into the cupid’s domain. Some of the most endearing tales I have known have had the love as a perennial plot.

dog comforts girl post breakup
Dogs are the best Therapy.

Carpe Diem! For, all that’s beautiful, drifts away like iridescent soap bubbles. Measured in moments; poetic in essence; lost in recollections.

 “Do you know what love is?” She inquires again.

I am reading the signs…

“Who is she?” she quips.

Don’t get me wrong; I do like cats but its dogs I love.

PS  Susie Derkins, if she existed would have made an interesting date 😉

Calvin & Hobbes, Susie Derkins leaves Calvin dumbfounded on Valentines day, Love's labor lost

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