Love is where the dog is

love is where the dog is

“Those were the days,” quipped Daadi, taking a trip down the memory lane in mountains of yore.

Long before the Himalayas were tainted by tourist resorts and the cacophony of car horns, Daadi reminisces of waking up to the jingling bells on Bhotia dogs, the rearer of sheep and protectors of the realm.

Each morning of those yesteryears, the villagers would set free the flock of sheep under the watchful eyes of these mastiffs, the gentle giants.

Love is where the dog is…

And she recalls how once in Ranikhet, while she took the bus, Sheru also jumped aboard to sit by her feet. It was an almost empty bus – sporadic seats occupied by village folk going to the market or medicinal facility. Sheru’s wagging tail was greeted with smiles by the bus passengers.

The conductor, however, took an exception and frowned in disgust at Sheru.

Sheru, realizing the heat of piercing eyes and the disdain in them, gracefully exited without Daadi knowing the same. It is often said in the Himalayan slopes how two Bhotia dogs can take on a tiger if it comes to protecting the herd or the family. For a bear of a dog like Sheru, he was indeed the gentleman that men so often aren’t.

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Dogs don’t outstay their welcome.

The conductor asked Daadi for the tickets. She handed him the change, looking out the window pensively for Sheru.

“Two tickets, you need to pay for the dog too, ” the conductor interjected Daadi’s thought train.

Already annoyed due to Sheru’s unceremonious exit, her poignance turned to anger, “Where’s the dog? Show me the dog and then ask for the ticket.”

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Almost half an hour later, the bus reached the destination. All through the serpentine roads, one bend at a time, Daadi kept thinking about Sheru. As Daadi deboarded and trailed the descent to the old Mission hospital, there amid the pines, wagging joyfully at the gates, was Sheru.

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5 Pune Animal Shelters and emergency helplines

Pune animal shelters - Mission possible pune
Mrs Padmini Stump runs Mission Possible, one of the Pune animal shelters working for the stray cause.

Here is a list of NGOs and animal shelters in Pune you may reach out to in case of emergencies involving animals. Please note, if the injury to the animal is grave and serious, kindly consider to arrange for the nearest vet. It may cost a little extra but you may just save an innocent life!

Please don’t buy dogs in Pune when you can adopt from one of these shelters!

Pune Animal shelters

1. Mission Possible Pet AdoptionsPadmini Stump and renowned cancer specialist Dr. Ravindra Kasbekar, founded what’s perhaps Pune’s most admired animal care center. The NGO leads rescue and adoption drives across Pune.

Address: 11 A Shankar Shet Road, Gurunanak Nagar
Pune – 411002
Phone: +91 99218 81894

2. RESQ Centre helps with the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need. They have a clinic, shelter and run anti-Rabies drives.

Pune dog shelter
Image courtesy Resq Pune

Address: Plot No. 3906, Paud Mulshi Road,
Near 115 Hilltown, Near Chandni Chowk,
Pune – 411021
Phone: +91 9890999111
Open from: 11am – 5 pm | All Days

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3. SPCA Pune provides rescue, vaccination, sterilisation and medical facilities to ailing birds and animals. They also partner with colleges to offer internship opportunities to aspiring veterinarian doctors. In case you are looking for guidance wrt legal aid in the cases of animal violence or crimes, you can consult them.

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Address: 27/1, Hidayatulla Rd, Chitragupt Colony, Shanti Nagar Society, Katad Khana, Pune – 411042.
Phone: 020 2644 4960

4. Bodhisattva Pune helps in promoting animal safety and well-being. They also run an animal ambulance service so you can reach out to them at +91 9970404025 in case you spot a street dog who needs help.

Phone: +919970404025 

Aside from looking after the homeless or needy animals with food, and shelter, they also hold vaccination and adoption drives. They also raise funds towards providing animals with reflective collars to avoid fatal road accidents in the night.

5. Blue Cross Society of Pune is an NGO into animal rescue, adoptions along with a companion animal hospital in Mundhwa, Pune. They have an OPD, vaccination clinic, boarding and in-patient facilities. They also run Animal Birth Control (ABC) programs including animal sterilization and vaccination.

Address: Blue Cross Society of Pune, New Kubharwada, Keshav nagar, Mundhwa, Pune-411036 Phone: 9822066338, Email:

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Know of any other Pune animal shelters, NGO or individuals doing great work for the stray cause? Please let us know in the comments below.

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