The soon to be famous one liner

..and there are times like these when the mere sight of  a keyboard induces me into sleep:)

However since my kind has quite a reputation for being loyal henceforth I, better, live up to the cherished name and post regularly from here on!  So ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, here’s the soon to be famous one liner.

You are safe, lady…the only females I kill are mosquitoes!

PS: Violaters of copyright infringements shall be dealt with my teeth:)

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The Dog Poet

Woof woof!

The Indian summers have almost always cast a spell of somnolence in my beady eyes henceforth making me virtually lethargic (if this does not explain my reason for absence from the blogging scene…how about blaming Pakistan and the Al Qaida? or the 123 deal?) Actually, when a dog is sans a sane topic, it’s kinda difficult for him to work on with the stylus.  What should I blog about in this dreamy state defined by delusions of third order?  The dogs are still laggards in literacy rates and catering to human readership didn’t appeal to my paws…until now. Thanks to the feedback from revered readers  I’ve  decided to take a fresh plunge into the lukewarm waters of this virtual lake making me the first dog poet. Your bouquets & brickbats (or the bones) are anxiously awaited!

Just the other day, I came across the limerick, “The Owl and the Pussy cat” in the ruffled pages of Calvy’s fourth-grade English book. Since Dogitarian literary tastes differ from those of the humans, limericks too, are one line affairs for us.

‘Lure me not into love.. for I have ditched the dove’

Whew! The impish cat is in my yard again…catch ya later!

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PS  Donations for the Dog literacy fund are welcomed and are in accordance with the Canine Income Tax Act 2009 and exempted from taxation under section Dogs Rule clause 24/7.

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