It’s all in the name

The Prologue:

In the Old Testament, 42000 people were killed for the incorrect pronunciation of one word.


Calvy told me of the eerie way in which the bus conductors in NOIDA pronounce Noida as NUDE-AA. And they certainly know that this repetition creates quite an impact on the eardrums of unsuspecting bystanders hence they go on like “Nude-aa!! Nude-aa! Nude-aa….” eventually building to a crescendo.

It’s all in the name.

For the modest under 14 and female following that I have, I guess this post didn’t require a PG rating, did it? Guess Kaalicharan has long forgotten chivalry.

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Dreams of a dog…

Kaalicharan dreams... the dreams of a dog
What do dogs dream about?

Now that scientists and canine behaviour experts have established that the dogs do dream. The next question that pops up is What do dogs dream about? The dreams of a dog have long puzzled scientists and pet owners alike.

For those of you who were led to the lie that dog don’t tell about their dreams,  here’s Kaalicharan sharing his dream to be a bear. (Dreamt post-screening of Finding Neverland, naturally. )

Dreams of a dog

pretty girl with dog
The best of dreams are those which are shared. ~Image courtesy Drasti

You would have seen it – a quiver, that twitching of paws or an occasional muted woof. Scientific studies tell us that the brain wave patterns of dogs in sleep are similar to that of the humans. Like humans, dogs enter a deep sleep stage during which their breathing becomes more irregular and they have rapid eye movements (REM). It is during the REM sleep that often, involuntary movements take place. Dogs may move their legs as if they are running, whine or whimper as if excited, and breathe rapidly or hold their breath for short periods.

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The Research also establishes the fact that small dogs tend to dream a lot more during the course of the day as compared to their larger brethren. Dreaming also seems to occur more frequently in puppies. What do dogs dream about? Although we dogs haven’t really given an interview on our sleep behaviour, here’s what we dream about – bones, cats and walking with you.

For now, let sleeping dogs lie.

cute dog sleeping
Pup Fiction

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Why the dog writes?

why the dog writes
why the dog writes?


This is Kaalicharan. Kaalicharan the dog…perhaps the first dog with the blog. The longueur in the blog world badly required a hint of chutzpah and who else to provide it but the greatest of all, yours truly.

I’ve got so much to write and this damn keyboard…hell, all humans think about is themselves…I guess I’ll have to order a custom made keyboard to suit my paws. I know, you bloggers are not used to this kind of thing…I can wonder what your medulla and cerebrum would be going through as they’re being subjected to analyze the pawed lexicon of our kind hence I’ll try to express myself in English and with whatever I’ve learned of your weird language, I can very well make out that my vehement dislike for a few specimens of your species wouldn’t be turned down. The cult of Canis familiaris and International United Association of Canines(IUAC) has bestowed their benevolent act through financial funding for this blog…forgot to mention(you see I’m an epitome of humility), the great pains taken by me while working on Harry’s computer!

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Why the dog writes?

Isn’t the Dogitarian(read: Humanitarian) upliftment reason enough? I’m here to voice the perplexed state of the canine world, the paranoia of the pawed family and all that bothers my species. I wonder what went wrong? Why incidents like Bangalore carnage? Ruminating over the dog cause and state wasn’t enough so I had to put it all up in the writing with the sole aim of resurrecting the age-old bond between men and dogs. Our Science & Technology ministry has sanctioned a whooping sum of Do(g)llar 9.5 billion for the setting up of three world-class DOG Institute of Technology(DIT) and we already have alarmed the likes of MIT! However, since our satellite DOGSAT-2E is having some problems with the transponders hence I’m using the blogging platform to voice my opinions[If anyone reads it:)]

Kaalicharan is here to raise concerns over animal plight. OK you have heard that enough, isn’t it? But look within yourselves and without putting to practice Newtonian logic, you’d come to the realization that you have done nothing yet do you still frown on the site of a stray dog? Are you a silent spectator when someone stones a lame canine? Would you put a pup out of the middle of the road to safety? Does a part of you goes sallow when you get to know the pains muted species are subjected to…? I hope you are understanding the gravity of the situation. Stand up for dog rights… in fact, stand up for all our animal species. I’ve heard enough about man’s superiority in the mother nature’s plan. To quote Peter Parker’s uncle, ”With great power comes greater responsibility”. You fellas think you really are the man…now it’s time that you play one!

It’s like you come onto this planet with a crayon box. Now you may get the 8 pack, you may get the 16 pack but it’s all in what you do with the crayons – the colours – that you’re given. Don’t worry about colouring within the lines or colouring outside the lines – I say colour outside the lines, you know what I mean? Colour all over the page; don’t box me in! We’re in motion to the ocean. We are not landlocked, I’ll tell you that.

Waking Life, the movie

Auf wiedersehen!(somehow I have always loved the sound of this farewell word…it’s somewhat easy to pronounce in Dog Tongue!)

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