All you need to know about Healthy Treats for your puppy, adult or senior dog

healthy dog treats

Have you ever come across a dog who doesn’t like treats?

Neither have we.

But there’s so much to dog treats than just leisurely snacking.

Treats are an integral part of your dog’s daily routine – they not only help you bond better with your pets but also provide nutritional support. However, there are some important things to consider before offering your dog a treat.

Healthy Treats for your puppy

In this post, we explore healthy dog treats:

  1. The treats for puppies need to provide nutrition and aid digestion. Fennel seeds are great for it as they boost immunity too. You may try Himalaya Healthy Treats for puppies as it comes fortified with Asvagandha which supports the development of immunity in puppies.

It has rich protein content (chicken) and also the goodness of herbs!

2. Don’t give your dog any treats containing garlic, onion, chocolate, and grapes in form of table scraps as they can be harmful and even deadly.

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3. Treats for adult dogs should aim at supporting skin health and overall fitness in adult dogs. Treats for adult dogs should be enriched with flax seeds that are known to support dogs’ skin and fitness. Gokshura also promotes overall fitness in dogs.

4. Treats with excessive levels of sodium or fat may be dangerous for your cat or dog. (Watch out for the label)

5. Try Vegetable or Fruit treats: Vegetables like carrot, green bean and broccoli make for healthy dog treats. Similarly, fruits like Banana slices, berries, watermelon and apple slices (without seeds) are great snacks too.

Tip: When to give dog treats?

In between meals is the ideal time to give treats.

6. In case your dog is allergic to certain foods, please ensure that their treats are monitored too.

7.  Senior dogs are in particular risk of joint-related ailments, Healthy treats for seniors (fortified with the drumstick) can help your dog control stress and provides that much-needed care for his joints.

What ingredients should you look for in healthy dog treats?

Like your dog’s everyday food, his treats too should be balanced. Dog treats should have a combination of nutrients and vitamins your pet needs to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It should also cater to their specific requirements at each stage of their life. Treats with herbal ingredients not only promote dogs’ wellness but also come with no side effects.

As a general rule of thumb, the more unfamiliar the words are on the label, the worse is food for your dog.  Look out for ingredients that are recognizable and avoid preservatives and high fat or sodium treats.

Here’s to happy (and healthy) snacking!

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