Best TV ads featuring dogs

Well, there is no dearth of talent and wits when it comes to copywriters having dogs in their artwork, yet for the sake of succinctness in the post, I’ve taken the liberty of choosing four. However in the coming posts I’d again reiterate on the idea.

So, here’s presenting the TVC with pups in a starring role…

Hachiko Movie Review – incredible true story of Japan’s loyal dog

presents a new column i.e. ‘Dogged reviews’ pertaining to motion pictures, soundtracks, novels, websites, magazine articles etcetera as long as they have a compassionate content for the pawed species…Come on, don’t give me that look…at dogville all that you have is the Hobson’s choice:)

Hachiko monogatari …this movie would surely capture your imagination and catapult you to a world which has only lived in your vivid memories like those of Grimm Brothers fairy tales, here’s my homage…a silent nod to Hachiko’s immortal love and loyalty!