How to take care of your dog in monsoon?

How to take care of your dog in monsoon?

The rains make everything beautiful, don’t they?

While the monsoon showers provide that much-needed respite from the scorching Indian summer, they may not be as welcoming for your pooch.You need to take extra care of your dog during the monsoon, as it can lead to the outbreak of many canine diseases — from skin infections to respiratory disorders and gastronomical issues.

In this blog post brought to you by Himalaya Companion Care, we explore how you can take care of your dog this rainy season.

How to take care of your dog in monsoon – 9 Tips

  1. Protect your dog from fungal infections. Fungal infections in your dog’s paws and abdomen is a common issue during monsoon. You may also notice pimples, redness of skin or itchiness. Focus on keeping your dog clean and apply anti-fungal powder regularly.
  2. Ensure that there are no ear infections. Dogs with closed ears run the risk of accumulating moisture which may lead to ear infections. Wipe your dog’s ears dry post-bath or if he gets drenched in the rain.
  3. Add fibrous fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet. This will help regularize bowel movements, even if you don’t get a chance to take him out due to rains. You should also try engaging your dog in some indoor exercises to prevent obesity.
  4. Make a ‘safe place’ for your dog to help with his rain and thunder anxiety issues
  5. Monsoon showers are often accompanied by loud thunders which can scare your dog. To avoid this, create a safe place for your dog to go to when frightened e.g., leave a bedroom door open if he likes to sneak under the bed.
    rain scared dog
    Pogo feels safe when perched comfortably on the sofa. ~Image courtesy Richa

    5. Bathe your dog with a good anti-fungal shampoo to avoid ticks and rashes.

    Keep your dog’s sleeping area free of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and bugs as these can lead to tick fever and other monsoon diseases.

  6. Get your dog protective rain gear. If your dog has a history of skin-related allergies, you may want to consider making him wear a doggie raincoat.
  7. Give your dog boiled water to help avoid all types of tummy issues.
  8. De-worm your dog Monsoons lead to a rise in worm-related diseases such as anemia, general debility anorexia, dullness of coat and many other complications.
  9. Get your dog vaccinated before monsoon begins. How to take care of your dog in monsoon

Make monsoon just as romantic and enjoyable for your pooches. Keep them dry, safe and shower some extra love on them. Doing something special for your dog or have any other tips and tricks that could make our readers better pet-parents this season?

Write to us, and oh! Don’t forget to share pictures. Happy Monsoon Paw-rents! 🙂

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How to keep dogs safe in the summer?

water for stray dogs
Water, water everywhere for the dogs to drink…

In what promises to be a long, harsh and hot Indian summer, the mercury has begun to surge new heights. The homeless bear the wrath of the sun at its worst hence we request all our readers to put out water bowls for the birds, cats, and dogs.

Before we head over to the tips to beat the heat, here’s understanding how dogs and cats regulate their body temperature:

  • Panting (Dogs regulate 80% of their temperature this way) and licking (cats)
  • Heat exchange through the skin, ears, and fur
  • Sweating via paws

The heat issues can get fatal very quickly, this handy list of easy tips by our in-house vet Dr. Cat tell you how to keep dogs safe in summer.

7 tips on How to keep dogs safe in summer:

1. Access to fresh water 
Keep a filled water bowl near your dog at all times. While this may be obvious, it is an especially important step. If your dog finishes the bowl quickly, get a bigger bowl or get a few bowls.

help birds summer
Shrida has installed these beautiful pots with grains and water to help feed birds in summer.

You may also put out hanging pots like the one above to help birds.

2. Give your pet a haircut
Summer is the perfect season to give your dog a haircut, but you must consult your vet on the need of the fur before getting the clippers out.  e.g. Shepherd dogs have a thick fur coat as an adaptation to effectively manage the sun’s UV rays.

How to keep dogs safe in summer
All set for the Summer and yet as inquisitive! ~Image courtesy: Reddit/craigers12
if you leave your dog locked
Mind it!

3. Never leave your dog in the car unattended
The temperature inside a locked car can rise to dangerous levels within minutes. Ensure to leave the windows open for your dog and keep some water with you.

summer dog care tips

Cooling down the dog’s paws help to reduce their body temperature. Use a wet cloth to cool them down by applying the cloth under their paws.

4. Take advantage of the cooler parts of the day to exercise your dog
Just as in the case of humans, prolonged exposure to the sun can elevate the risk of heat stroke and sunburn in dogs. Remember that your dog has a fur coat to manage and will heat up much faster than you would. Furthermore, the concrete and asphalt can get really hot on even mildly hot days so before you walk your dog on concrete or asphalt, try to check the ground – If it’s hot for you, it’s too hot for them!

 5. Keep your home cool
Employ these ideas to maintain an optimum temperature indoors:

  • Install sun-blocking curtains
  • Turn off or unplug appliances you are no longer using. All electronic items generate heat.
  • Remove the carpets from rooms to allow your pets relatively extended ‘cooler’ area to lie on.
  • Leave the fans on for pets

6. How to detect Heat Stroke in Dogs?
Summertime comes with its own set of hazards, so please ensure that you identify the warning signs of trouble. When in doubt, call your vet right away.

If you see any of these signs, get your dog to a veterinarian quickly:

  • Labored breathing
  • Tongue color will change from dark red to purple
  • Pulses will be fast

7. Add Yogurt to your dog’s diet – A great digestion aid, it’d also get rid of unhealthy bacteria in your pet’s tummy, replacing it with good bacteria.

helping cows summer india

Keep your dog free from external parasites during the summer. Groom regularly, bathe your pet with the Himalaya Erina range of pet care products – Coat cleanser, Coat Cleanser with Conditioner, Erina-EP Ectoparasiticidal Shampoo and Powder (for action against ticks, fleas, and lice).

They come from the trusted brand of Himalaya and contain natural ingredients like Neem, Hibiscus, and Eucalyptus to maintain your pet’s skin health and hygiene.

Over to you, let us know how you are helping your animal friends this summer 🙂

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