Best Print Ads featuring dogs!

Woof woof World!
Following up on the cutest TV commercials featuring dogs, here is this dog’s take on the best print ads featuring dogs 🙂 I have so much to say about these wonderfully created advertisements yet as they say- a picture is worth a thousand words hence I must leave you with the prints.
  1. ‘Witte Molen’ food for birds – This funny ad campaign showed our feathered friends as dogs (or somewhat like them), drawing attention to how the nutritional needs of birds must be given due weight age too.
Witte Molen funny ad
Turns Birdie into man’s best friend…
witte mollen crow dog ad
Send a raven, Winter is coming!

2. Frolic dog Biscuit – Taking a humorous take on human relationships (which are so often based on all things materialistic), this ad played on the age-old Bollywood storyline.

But then dogs aren’t humans.

Frolic dog biscuit ad3. Brekkies – This ad showed a dog helping with the lawn work, all for that divine taste of the treat that’s Brekkies.

dog with mop ad

4. Science Diet dog food – One of our favorite ad, it showcases the product feature so well and with that garnish of humor.

5. Timmie Dog Spa – So you thought dogs lead a stress-free life? Have a look at this picture and see all that goes through in your beloved pooch’s mind. 

6.Supreme Dog Food – This series of ads speak for themselves 🙂 Supreme Dog Food ad
funny supreme dog food ad

7. Eukanuba – There’s a reason why we would have called ourselves Dog with Blog, even if were a cat. Why? Because everyone wants to be a dog!

Eukanuba funny ad
Everyone wants to be a dog!

8. Nurture line – Men aren’t alone when they are afraid to see a lady on the driver’s seat.

Nurture Line funny ad
Damn, let me drive, please?

9. Pedigree – In a series of memorable print ads, pet food maker Pedigree strummed all the right chords in every dog lover’s heart. From championing the cause of shelter dogs to senior dogs needing a home, and no to forget the message to then US president-elect Obama…   Pedigree emotional adPedigree Doggie Dentures adEcho Pedigree award winning adPedigree emotional print adPedigree we are for dogs adPedigree ad ObamaPedigree love dogs ad

Over to you, which is your favorite print ad featuring the dog?

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