Movie review ‘Au Hasard Balthazar’ – Life in an hour and half!

"Au Hasard Balthazar movie review "

Sometimes it’s not the tale but the art of telling it which makes it great. Au Hasard Balthazar, Robert Bresson’s pièce de résistance is an animal movie unlike any. Every ten years, Sight & Sound polls a wide international selection of film critics and directors on what they consider to be the ten greatest works of cinema ever made, the 2012 list has Au Hasard Balthazar at #16.  Set in the bucolic backdrop of French countryside, this allegorical tale follows the life of a donkey─ from burro to becoming beast of burden, and the inevitable end.  This motion picture evokes emotions lurking so deep that you never knew they existed. At times you wonder if you are watching the movie or if the movie is watching you. Balthazar causes you to get out from the comfort of your seat and shakes you up from inside. Every black and white sequence is a sheer cinematic joy, every scene an ode. It leaves the viewer wanting more, an exclamation mark in movie making!

 Timid farm girl Marie (Wiazemsky) and her donkey Balthazar have an idyllic childhood but the turn of tide takes them on separate paths. The donkey passes through several owners, most of them cruel and apathetic.

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    1. Thanks Mahima:) Despite it’s greatness, Balthazard the movie, maintains a sleepy distance as if it doesn’t wants to be discovered. And yet whenever someone plays it, like a sonnet the symphony is there for all to see. Watch it soon!

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